full circle

released in january 2019

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Rupert Wates writes: "This CD is a return to my roots – hence the title.  It features just my voice and my guitar, recorded live, with no overdubs, and mostly in one take.  It’s intended partly as a form of homage to the artists I grew up listening to – among them Leo Kottke, John Martyn, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake – who have made me the musician I am today.  I hope it’s a worthy continuation of the fire they first set ablaze in me." Standout songs: (1) I’m Amazed; (3) Full Circle; (4) Ballad Of A Brown Eyed Girl; (7) Driverless Train; (11) Last Of The Hotbloods


"Highly recommended" 'His guitar playing is of the highest order...perfectly matched by his flawless vocal delivery.  His music has a timeless quality' (Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway https://www.lonesomehighway.com

"An album to be treasured" 'His guitar playing is as good as it gets, matched by his skill as a songwriter...He is a brilliant lyricist with the ability to paint pictures in the listener's mind with subtle brushstrokes, all accompanied by some wonderful fingerstyle acoustic guitar work...'Ballad Of A Brown Eyed Girl' is a typical example of Rupert's outstanding musical skill and talent...All in all, this is an album that deserves to be treasured...'  Roy Stanbridge, FATEA UK (www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/reviews/RupertWates2/

'A talented songwriter...Wates's CD is a reflection of (his) life' ('Shakti', https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/rupertwates8)

the lights of paris

released in november 2017

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$12.97 CD, $9.99 Download

Rupert Wates' ninth solo album takes an unflinching look at the dangers, disillusionments and cruelties of today's world, in which the lights of Paris offer a symbol of love, beauty and hope. On this disc, Wates' signature sound is reduced to the essentials of his voice and distinctive fingerstyle guitar, with color added by virtuoso musicians Adrianna Mateo (violin) and Brian Sanders (cello) in string arrangements by Grammy-nominated John Guari. To capture the warmth and spontaneity of a live performance, the album was recorded live in the studio in just two days by master engineer Kevin Kelly. Wates adopts the voice of the timeless balladeer, to take us song by song on a journey through the shadows that threaten to engulf us, toward the faint but still flickering lights.


"What a voice!" 'Anyone who does not yet know the English-born and now American based artist with the velvety baritone has a real discovery in front of him...The songs...interweave thoughtfully melancholic lyrics artfully with catchy melodies' (Ulric Joosten, FOLKER Magazine, Germany https://www.folker.de/rezis/rezensionen.php?ausgabe=201803&region=in)

"A very high level" 'Fans of beautiful acoustic guitar based...music should definitely check this out, as it is from a very high level, with Rupert providing excellent calm relaxing vocal work' (8 out of 10) (Strutterzine, Netherlands http://strutter.mysite.com/HOTNEWREVIEWS2018August.html)

4 Stars 'Poetic reflections on the times...steeped in the history of hope and struggle.  Richly romantic tenderness in an age when 'all we loved has gone to hell'. The lights of Paris are...a symbolic beacon that never goes out' (Andrew Darlington, R2 Rock and Reel Review www.rock-n-reel.co.uk)

"Unsurpassed beauty"(*****5 Stars) '...Not only an important comment on the times in which we live, it is done with unsurpassed beauty' (Lakeside Music, Manhattan KS https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/rupertwates7)

"Fabulous poetry"(*****5 stars) '...Fabulous Poetry as Music Bringing Listener to Sublime' (Customer review, CD Baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/rupertwates7)

"Beautifully arranged folk" 'Fans of beautifully arranged folk will not balk at 'The Lights Of Paris' (Theo Volk, Music That Needs Attention https://musicthatneedsattention.blogspot.com/2017/12/rupert-wates-lights-of-paris.html)

"A folk pearl"(**** 4 stars) '...Sparkling acoustic fingerpicking and warm expressive vocals...With perfectly balanced stories, Rupert Wates can effortlessly hold the attention...A folk pearl that...transcends the genre' (Cis Van Looy, http://www.writteninmusic.com/roots/rupert-wates-the-lights-of-paris/

"All equally beautiful" 'My favorite song is 'My Face To The Morning' but...they are all equally beautiful' (Rootsville, http://www.rootsville.eu/2018 album reports/reports/rupert wates.html)

"These lights shine bright" (Mike Davies, FATEA http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/reviews/RupertWates/

"Catches you by the ankles...a completely unique style" (****4 stars) 'Wates' powerful acoustic guitar play catches you by the ankles, so that you do not lose attention for a moment...Wates maintains a completely unique style, which he knows how to use in new ways from album to album...He deserves more attention' (John Gjaltema, Alt Country NL http://www.altcountry.nl/blog/2018/01/rupert-wates-2/)

"Profound" 'Musically quite sober, the lyrics stimulate the listener to profound reflection...a very enjoyable work of art' (Valsam, Rootstime www.rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2018/JAN1/CD120.html)

"A disc of considerable expressive power" 'Wates has achieved a style that is genuinely authentic and rich in ideas...The compositional aspect is excellent, poetically relevant and with heartfelt passion and great soul.  'The Lights Of Paris' declares, by its title, a romanticism that is never cloying or sugar, and denotes instead a profound humanity...A disc of considerable expressive power' (Remo Ricaldone, The Long Journey http://www.bcmai.it/tlj/recensione.asp?IDDisco=3186&IDRecensione=3234)

"Effortless and impressive" 'Like all good Folk releases should...a reflection of the ways in which we shape our world...A style that sounds effortless and impressive, while his clear vocal tone never clutters the arrangements' (Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway http://lonesomehighway.com/

"Classic folk" '...The state of the heart as caught in a crossfire.  The recording is spare...which allows moments of great beauty...The thing about this record is its sincerity. That fact sets the piece...apart.  Wates is unafraid to sing what he really means' (Steve Klingaman, Minor 7th www.minor7th.com)

"Its charm never weakens" 'I am devilishly seduced by Wates' 9th album...Both fragile and immediate, its charm never weakens for an instant' (Sam Pierre, Le Cri Du Coyote)

"Fine Magic" (7.5 Stars out of 10) 'In brief songs he draws modern moral pictures...With careful listening the pieces release their fine magic. He...succeeds in capturing the spirit of the folk revival' (Walter Sehrer, Eclipsed-Rock, Germany www.eclipsed.de)

"A fabulous songwriter and poet" 'The 9th album from the immensely talented folk balladeer...The sparseness of the instrumentation directs the attention to the expressive voice of the singer/songwriter...Wates is...a fabulous songwriter and poet' (Max W Achatz, Country Juke Box Germany http://www.countryjukebox.de/pages/flash.htm)


30th Place in 'Top 100 Albums of 2018' compiled by Eclipsed Rock Magazine, Germany, (https://www.eclipsed.de/de)

Finalist, Kerrville New Folk Song Contest 2018 for 'The Day The Great Ship Went Down' and 'A Song Of Your Own

'Outstanding Songwriting Achievement' for 'The Day The Great Ship Went Down', Great American Song Contest 2017 (www.greatamericansong.com/winners.php)

'Finalist' for 'Oh The Times', Great American Song Contest 2017 (www.greatamericansong.com/winners.php)

CD of The Week, 12 30 2017, Midnight Special Chicago 98.7WFMT www.midnightspecial.org/

colorado mornings

released in march 2016