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The carousel of birth and death, seen through the eyes of a child, and the challenge of love in a time of breaking: these are the themes of Rupert Wates’s latest CD. Recorded in a single evening, with no overdubs, and featuring only Wates’ voice and his guitar, the album captures the organic quality of a solo live performance. Its twelve songs showcase the full flowering of a master songwriter at the peak of his powers.

'PURE CLASS' "Taking the most basic elements in the performer’s toolkit, one voice and one instrument, Rupert Wates has created an album that fizzes with acoustic guitar mastery and beautifully-crafted songs...It’s pure class" (Five stars) (

'INDISPENSABLE' "These twelve tracks bear witness to the performance of an undisputed master of the six string acoustic, combined with the overwhelming inspiration of a first-rate songwriter. That albums of this level of excellence can still flourish today restores faith and hope in these troubled times. God damn it, how do you write it down? Just go for it! Score: Indispensable (highest) (Patrick Dalongeville, Paris Move

'TIMELESS' "These are songs with a timeless charm, endlessly intriguing, and…with each listening you invariably appreciate new guitar passages and intrinsic meanings" (Remo Ricaldone, Planet Country Italy)

'FLAWLESS' "...Warm, intense, personal...Lyrically deep, melodically heartfelt and musically adept, he pulls the seemingly impossible off – a flawless and timeless album." (Dave Pearson, Spirit of Progressive Rock

'AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE' ''...An absolute pleasure...voice and guitar blend deliciously to provide a listening experience that just grows and grows" (John Barlass, 'At The Barrier'

'MAGICAL' "An album both magical and addictive" (Le Cri Du Coyote, France, Hiver 2020)

'SUPERB' "A superb example of how less can so often be so much more, its simplicity...dressed in those dazzling fingerpicked phrases, making this...among the year's best" (Neil King, FATEA UK

"Lyrics that cut deep into your mind and soul. Listen to what life is all about!" ( 4 Stars) (Marino Serdons, Keys And Chords

'Well-crafted lyrics woven into an expert display of musicianship' (Tyler Davies, Americana UK'

"Full of warmth and sensitivity, with just that little extra spark of something else, something difficult to describe but easy to understand once you hear it...The songs have a dream like quality that makes repeated plays essential" (Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Reviews

"A wonderful record' (Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime,

"One voice, one guitar, and twelve gorgeous folk songs...If you're a songwriting talent of Rupert Wates' caliber, that's enough" (Stijn De Jong,

"A beautiful album that commands reflection and keeps showing you new things" (Filip Heidinga, BluesTown Music

"This enthralling effort joins the dots as 2020 inches towards the conclusion" (Three Chords And The Truth,

"Wates' warm voice holds the attention from start to finish" (John Gjaltema, Altcountry NL

"The leisurely charm of his voice seductively lures the listener into his world" (9 out of 10 stars) (Whisperin and Hollerin

"The intimate vocal and...beautiful sounding Lowden guitar deliver a hypnotic quality" (Paul Mcgee, The Lonesome Highway

"The blend sends a shiver down the spine...An engaging and enjoyable collection...from a skilled writer and performer" (3 stars) ( Trevor Raggatt, Rock N Reel Magazine

"A more than excellent disc by a gifted songwriter and a master storyteller" (Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe

"...Warms the heart through the music and dreamy lyrics...stuff for incurable romantics" (Marco Restelli, Roots Highway

"This warm folk album definitely deserves to be heard" (4 stars) (Pieter Wijnstekers, Heaven Pop Magazine

"...A masterpiece...The music is exquisite. His guitar work is breathtaking, but never overwrought. His vocals are resonant and heartfelt. His songs are so well crafted, each one is a jewel" (Anne Sandstrom, songwriter, Boston MA)

"A real stunner" (Ben Bedford, songwriter, IL)

"The artwork is beautiful and matches the sound. I love his voice" (Sharyn, New York)

"There's nothing like hearing Rupert Wates play live and every time I see him I'm impressed all over again. This CD is the closest I've heard to his live shows. No one plays guitar like that" (Dave V, Clay Center, KS)

"Wates' music is soothing and relaxing. A great talent. 'Farewell And Adieu' is my favorite. Amazing the music that comes from one man and his guitar" (Dave Sommers, Manhattan Kansas)

"A brilliant CD" (SK Moore, songwriter, AL)

"This music is so soulful. It's such a gift to listen" (Catherine, New Jersey)

AWARDS/ACCOLADES: Number 8 in Folk Alliance International Radio Charts, February 2021

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