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All set for a new Cd  

November 2018.  I didn't expect to have a new Cd ready before spring 2019, but this year the writing has flowed and everything is now in place to for the recording.  Images for the artwork are complete, and feature location photos taken by the skilled new photo artist Stacey Lorin. Recording will be in early December at Kevin Kelly's Workshoppe East studios in Huntington NY.  The CD is to be entitled 'Full Circle' and it will be a kind of return to my roots, the only instrumentation being my voice and my guitar in a variety of open tunings.  It's intended partly a homage to the artists who first inspired me to go to the local store and buy a guitar, and whose example I've tried to follow all my life.  

Long Winter Is Coming On   

August 15 2017: We had a good afternoon at Sloan Song Studios, Zak Sloan's new studio in Castle Rock, CO. We recorded some demos and a version of my song 'Long Winter Is Coming On' featuring a brilliant guest vocal by Vivian Gail (, with myself on guitar and Charlie Milo on electric bass.  The song takes a sober look at contemporary America.  A version featuring my own vocal will be included on my upcoming CD, 'The Lights Of Paris', to be recorded this fall in New York City.  Please enjoy the attached MP3.  Best to all, Rupert 

Material for new CD progressing   

March 2017 I now have 9 or 10 tracks complete towards a new CD, which I aim to record either fall 2017 or early 2018.  Demos were recorded on March 20 at Alex Sterling's Precision Sound Studios on the Upper West Side of New York City.  The title of the album is to be 'The Lights Of Paris'.  Paris for me has always symbolized the need we all have for beauty and art in our lives, and its lights are therefore to me a symbol of hope in a dark world.  Attached is a demo MP3 of a new song, 'The Day The Great Ship Went Down'.  The song was written during the week of the Presidential inauguration here in America.  Perhaps this says enough.  Best to all for spring, Rupert   

All set on the new CD: COLORADO MORNINGS  

All is set and ready to go for the recording of Rupert Wates' new CD, 'Colorado Mornings', Feb 15-18 2016, at Phase One Studios in Toronto. The album comprises 12 acoustic love songs, and its backdrop is the beautiful landscape of Colorado. Watch this space for previews. Best to all in 2016, Leo and Rupert and all at BiteMusic Ltd

(Album photo credit: Yellow Feather Photography, Salida, CO)

Material for new CD completed 

I may get a windfall over the next few months, but as of July I feel I can say that the writing for my upcoming CD is now complete.  It's taken almost exactly one year.  The final 12 songs have been taken from a pool of 15.  The album is to be called Colorado Mornings, and it's probably the most integrated and organic album I've ever written.  Recording will be in February 2016 at Phase One in Toronto.  In addition to myself, it will feature all the usual suspects: Bartosz Hadala on piano, Trifon Dimitrov on bass, and Chris Howard on percussion.  Engineering will again be by Jeff Pelletier.  Photos for the artwork were taken this July in Colorado by Beth Grimes.  Graphic design for the CD will be by Dan Forero.  I'm hopeful that it together we'll make a beautiful album.  Best regards for fall, Rupert    


Rupert Wates was honored this week to receive a copy of 'Crazy Puzzle', an album recorded by Nashville based singer and performer Roxie Rogers, which consists entirely of songs from Rupert's songwriting catalog.  This is the first time an independent artist has recorded an entire album of Rupert's songs.  Roxie has plans to launch the album at a venue TBC in London, England.  Previews will be available soon.  

A start made on material for a new album  

After a long break since completing 'The Rank Outsiders Ball' in late 2013, over the summer I began writing songs again towards a new album.  It will be an album of acoustic love songs.  I aim to compile the material over the next six to eight months, with a view to recording the album in early 2016.  Attached to this post is a sample demo of a song from the new material, entitled 'Fear Of Flying', written in August and recorded on 09 30 14 at Alex Sterling's studio on the Upper West Side of New York City (  I hope listeners will enjoy it.  Very best for fall, Rupert